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Where style meets comfort and affordability. Discover the latest trends in fashion, from casual chic to sophisticated elegance. Our collection offers something for everyone, ensuring you'll find the perfect outfit for any occasion. Visit us today and elevate your wardrobe with timeless pieces and on-trend essentials.


Plus Size Abayas

Diverse body shapes can easily embrace our plus-size abaya, and you can maintain a respectable demeanour and comfortable movement at all times. So, turn your face to our premium collection of abayas designed specifically for Muslimah who are looking for a plus-size with modesty. We pay attention to detail, with adjustable waist belts or strategic pleating and flatter curves to maintain modesty.

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Express your inner taste confidently with our perfumes, a symbol of fragrance and beauty. They embody elegance and purity, evoke your memories, and make your signature. They’re not only perfume but also an essence of personal style. Our rich collection of Ayat perfumes has a fragrance for every mood and occasion that lasts even after the
last drop. So, immerse yourself in a rich, luxurious fragrance created with a blend of Arabian heritage and modern elegance.

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Mens Wear

Explore our curated selection of men's wear, featuring sophisticated suits, casual essentials, and accessories tailored for modern elegance.Looking for a luxurious thobe for man? We are offering our expanding collection of men's thobes. You can easily find them in all sizes and colors. They are available in various fabrics and features. We pride ourselves on our collection that offers a variety of timeless men's jubba styles. Our collection are rich with Saudi, Kuwaiti, and Emirati-Omani designs in muted colors to elevate your look. They embody quality design and Islamic fashion essentials for you. Now, check out our men's thobes here.

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  • Exclusive Design Abayas

    Party Wear Pink Abaya with inner slip dress.

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  • All your Abayas

    Handwork cream colour open abaya

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  • Beautiful

    Nida material Chocolate colour three pieces open abaya.

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Modest Wearing for Every Story

Shop from our huge collection of beautiful abayas. Our abayas are made of high-quality materials and are available in all sizes. Our designs are both modern and traditional, so you can find the perfect abaya. Abayas from the dazzling collection are multi-spectral and patterned. We have enough open-front and closed abayas, designers, and printed abayas. Ranging in price from casual wear to amazing party wear.

Slip-On Abayas

Go simply with our slip-on abayas that provide a hassle-free option and offer a blend of simplicity, comfort, and elegance for everyday wear. Easy to put on and take off making them ideal for busy lifestyles. We have a wide range of slip-on abayas that come in various fabrics, such as linen, niddah, and CEY fabric with a range of colors.

Abayas for Umrah

If you're ready for your Spiritual Journey, Umrah, you need a special abaya for Umrah. We have a rich collection of Umrah Abayas. They are made with Lightweight and breathable fabric that ensures you stay cool and comfortable. Classic cutting offers to perform Tawaf and Sa'i easily. You can keep your prayer beads, tissues, or identification in your pocket.

Hajj Abayas

Every Muslim needs modest clothing covering their entire body except for the face and hands in the Hajj. A flowing-fit lightweight abaya from our collection with breathable fabrics can be the perfect choice. They are long enough to fully cover your entire body, including your arms and legs. You can easily take in and out with their front button or zipper closure. Their simple and plain design without decorations ensures your focus remains on the spiritual aspects.

Wedding Abayas

Your wedding Abaya must be luxurious and special. Celebrate your wedding with our modest wedding wear that offers elegance and style. Dive into a stunning array of gowns designed to flatter your figure. Each dress embodies timeless beauty and grace with luxurious fabrics and features. Discover the luxury and make your dream wedding a reality with us.

Abayas for Prayer

Our special prayer abayas help you feel closer to your faith. They're from soft, gentle materials, so you feel comfy and stylish whether you're praying every day or on special occasions. So pick up simple ones for regular use or fancier ones for a bit of extra beauty. You can easily focus on your prayers peacefully, feeling confident with our collection.

Dubai Abayas

Looking for abayas crafted with the essence of luxury and style? Dubai abayas are best for you. Their finest materials give you an extra look and introduce real Emirati fashion. If you want to attend a special event, our Dubai abayas offer spatiality to you with comfort and grace. Reflect on the heritage of Dubai on your abayas. Choose from our collection with vast designs, and express your personality strongly.

Black Open Abaya

Our versatile and stylish black open abayas are ready to enrich your wardrobe. Our collection ensures your choice providing modesty and comfort allowing ease of movement. For warmer climates, you can choose lightweight, breathable fabrics like chiffon or Nida for comfort. They have beautiful clasps or buttons that allow flowing opening with a matching belt, allowing you to cinch the waist for a more fitted look.

Children's Abayas

Match your little darling's abaya with her Mother's abaya or father's thobe with charming colors made with soft fabrics for comfort. We offer stylish abayas with playful prints that are perfect for any occasion. So your little one can find an abaya that reflects her unique personality. Make your daughter blossom confidently and style in a beautiful abaya from our collection.


A hijab is a symbol of modesty. Enrich your modest dress with a beautiful hijab and shine your personality. We have a vast collection that includes beautiful hijabs with attractive designs, and lovely colors, which provide you with elegance and comfort offering a unique experience of modesty.

Cotton Hijab

You want to wrap yourself in a cotton hijab. Check out our unique collection of cotton hijabs. These are made of fine natural fibers that ensure unrestricted airflow and are very soft, providing both comfort and sophisticated style. Here you will find attractive colors and patterns of cotton hijabs perfect for your everyday use and complementing your fashion. So go forth and embrace comfort, confidence, and timeless beauty with our cotton hijabs.

Linen Hijab

For elegant protection alongside luxurious style, the Lilin Hijab will be perfect. Additionally, its light weaving easily allows air circulation, providing comfort even in the summer. These won't shrink and the abundance of bright colors will keep you parallel with current fashion trends. complement your collection with our Lilin hijabs, offering a diverse range of luxurious designs suitable for warmth.

Jersey Hijab

Our beautiful Jersey hijabs have good airing capabilities, which can keep the body cool. It absorbs more sweat so you can stay fresh all day. They are best for daily use and active outfits. Take a look at our lovely colors and find the perfect Jersey hijab to add a touch of style to your modest outfits.

Chiffon Hijab

Dive into simple elegance with our lightweight airy chiffon hijabs collection! These offer more comfort in the summer and dry quickly when wet. Our collection of colorful chiffon hijabs can be worn in various styles beyond just pinning. These easily droppable hijabs will elevate your style further. Try our diverse range of hijabs in vibrant colors and different patterns to add an extra flair whether indoors or outdoors.

Hijab Accessories

We have a range of hijab accessories that add finesse to your elegant fashion. We have a vast collection from hijab pins to hijab magnets, hijab caps, brooches, and abaya belts.  Their modern designs, premium materials, and affordable prices will surely surprise you. Therefore, pick up the perfect accessories for your sophisticated attire today.

Abaya Belt

Boost your abaya style with our amazing collection of comfy and stylish abaya belts. These make you good-looking and add some flair to your everyday outfit. Whether you like subtle or bold, we've got a belt that fits your style. Start shopping now and find the perfect belt to give your abaya a personal touch and show off your confidence.

Boy Thobes

Help your son look his best and feel his coolest with our Emirati thobes! Made with breathable fabrics for all-day comfort, our thobes come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit every growing boy. Whether it's a family gathering, a special Islamic event, or just another day, we have the perfect thobe for him. Browse our collection online and discover affordable, high-quality boys' thobes today!
Explore Our Junior Thobe Collection. We offer two distinctive styles - Omani and Emirati, both featuring collarless designs for ultimate comfort.

  • Omani Boy Thobes: Made from luxurious, anti-static polyester, these thobes boast a short tassel with elegant embroidery. Perfect for special occasions or everyday wear, our Omani thobes come in a variety of popular colors.
  • Emirati Boy Thobes: Also crafted from 100% polyester, these thobes feature a longer, detachable tassel for a classic look. We offer a wide range of stylish Emirati thobes in various colors, perfect for boys aged 2 to 13.

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Looking for a stylish and modest wardrobe update for your boy? Look no further! We offer a wide range of comfortable and practical boys' thobes online. Whether you prefer the classic Omani style or the sophisticated Emirati design, we have something for him. Shop our collection today and find the perfect fit - all from the comfort of your home!

Ayat Perfume

Express your inner taste with our perfumes, which embody elegance and purity. Crafted from the finest ingredients, each fragrance that created to evoke your memories. Let our perfumes become your signature, a symbol of fragrance, and beauty.
Our rich collection of Ayat perfumes has a fragrance for every mood and occasion. Our exquisite fragrances are more than just perfumes, they are invitations to enchanting moments.
Immerse yourself in a rich, luxurious fragrance created with a blend of Arabian heritage and modern elegance. Discover your signature fragrance and embrace confidence that lasts even after the last drop.


Al Siab blossomed from a dream of online convenience into a vibrant community. Women from all corners of the world, united by a desire for modest fashion, discovered a treasure trove on the platform. They browsed through collections of flowing abayas, and elegant hijabs, each thoughtfully curated for style and comfort. The platform buzzed with customer reviews and recommendations, fostering a space for like-minded women to connect and share their experiences. Al Siab's reach extended beyond its digital walls. The team actively participated in charity drives, donating clothes and essential items to those in need. Their commitment to social responsibility resonated with their customers, strengthening the sense of community. The clinking of perfume bottles being added to carts became a familiar sound, each spritz a reminder of the platform's dedication to offering a complete modest lifestyle experience. Al Siab wasn't just a store, it was a trusted friend, helping women navigate the world of modest fashion with confidence and grace.